VOC free paint

What is VOC?

VOC is volatile organic compounds that are released into the air once paint is dried. When VOC’s are inhaled, they can present with acute symptoms such as headache and dizziness. Although no long term complications¬†have been identified by the FDA, I can’t imagine any being good.

A few no VOC paints on the market running from $35-45 a gallon are:

Mythic: A non-toxic, low emission no VOC paint. Prices run up to $45 a gallon which is a little pricey but I think its worth the extra few dollars when you put your health at risk.

Colorhouse: Colorhouse is a no VOC paint distributor based in Portland, Oregon.

The Freshaire Choice: is a home-depot exclusive paint, also a no VOC latex paint. Customer reviews rave about low emissions and no smell. Great for baby rooms or expecting mothers.